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Physician Health Program

MSPEI members and their families are encouraged to use MSPEI’s Physician Health Program (PHP). This premium program – first of its kind to be offered to PEI physicians - offers:

  • An unprecedented array of services to improve health and build resiliency
  • Confidential and discreet support
  • Access to an extensive network of physicians, counsellors, therapists and coaches
  • Established track record in serving physicians and their families (35+ years’ experience)

Please call our 24 hour helpline at: 1.800.663.6729

The 24-hour helpline offers private, discreet assistance with issues that you and your family may be facing, including:
  • Relationship and workplace issues
  • Mental health
  • Career and life transitions
  • Substance use
  • Concern for colleagues
  • Burnout, stress management, conflict resolution
  • Financial issues

The Physician Health Program is here to support and advocate for PEI physicians, resident doctors, and medical students, as well as their partners and dependent children.

This program is offered through by Doctors of British Columbia’s Physician Health Program. It is offered to MSPEI members and their families at no cost. Funding to support this program is provided through the Master Agreement.

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