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Medical residents highly valued, appreciated on PEI

As a family physician, I am really passionate about providing timely, quality care to my patients. This project is about complete primary care transformation. I like to think of it as people-centered care because the patient is at the center of what we’re doing but everyone involved in the PMH is being taken care of too. There’s a team wrapped around the patient, but they’re also there for each other. I love that concept.


MSPEI leads, represents and supports PEI physicians. We are the united voice of PEI physicians, striving to help create a high-quality and sustainable health-care system of which physicians and patients are proud.


Physican Health Program

Physician Health Program

A new Physician Health Program (PHP) is now available to MSPEI members and their families. This premium program – first of its kind to be offered to PEI physicians - offers:
An unprecedented array of services to improve health and build resiliency
Confidential and discreet support
Access to an extensive network of physicians, counsellors, therapists and coaches
Established track record in serving physicians and their families (35+ years’ experience)

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