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Practice Support Program

As physicians, managing a practice can take time away from quality patient care. Whether you’re just starting your medical career, you need more support with an established clinic, or you are transitioning out of practice, the Practice Support Program is here for you.

As this program grows it will provide you with access to a network of experts (Practice Facilitators) and resources on-demand. The goal will be to offer support and resources for every stage of a physician’s practice.

Please note: all eligible physician members have access to this program, regardless of their payment modality.

Practice Facilitation

Practice Facilitation provides access to facilitators (for now virtual access only) to help you achieve practice efficiency and quality improvement. Practice facilitators will meet with you to understand your unique practice and provide a recommended approach. You can identify a specific topic, describe a situation, or request general practice advice and support.

Who are our
Practice Facilitators?

Our list of practice facilitators will grow in time. We currently offer one Practice Facilitator who can help you achieve practice efficiency, quality improvement and optimize everyone’s role if working in a team-based care environment. Your Practice Facilitator will meet with you to understand your individual practice needs and provide a recommended approach. You can identify a specific topic of focus, describe a situation to the facilitator, or request general advice and support. We strongly encourage all physicians to discuss the engagement of a practice facilitator with their colleagues and staff before submitting a request – a unified team approach is ideal.


Sue Peters

Sue Peters is a certified Clinical Audiologist, Organizational Change Professional and Lean Leader with 32 years of healthcare experience working in both the public and private sector. As a Practice Facilitator, Sue supports physicians and other clinical team members improve care delivery within their practice environments and advises teams to build their own internal capacity for quality improvement. Sue has most recently worked with the Alberta Medical Association’s Accelerating Change Transformation Team (ACTT) supporting physician-led groups advance Patient Medical Homes including team-based care and integration with the Patient Medical Neighborhood. This work has involved partnering with several stakeholders including Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services, Primary Care Networks and PCN Zone communities. 

Sue has gained valuable experience in a wide variety of health care environments in Canada, the US and internationally in a range of settings including all levels of care from quaternary to primary care and rehabilitation. Her projects have required that she work collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams within the healthcare system including leadership teams, policy makers, specialists, family physicians, program/clinic coordinators, patient partners and a variety of other healthcare professionals, clinical staff, and support teams. Clients have included Health PEI, the Medical Society of PEI, Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services, Alberta Medical Association, University of Alberta, National Health Service, Interior Health (BC) and Advanced Bionics (Class III medical device manufacturer). Sue can recommend practical and innovative solutions to projects based on her experience coupled with input from her working teams and clients.

Who Can Participate?

This program is designed for physicians who:

  • Are interested in modifying how they practice to improve quality of care;
  • Are seeking support or guidance in introducing changes to create more efficient workflows;
  • Want to support their team in working to their full scope of practice and reaching their full potential; or
  • Want to change their practice to improve access to care.

Physicians who participate in the program will be required to dedicate effort and time to achieve their desired results. This includes completing a pre-assessment survey, working with the practice facilitator to develop a plan, executing the work plan with regular check-ins and completing a program evaluation.

The Process



Fill out the request form below so that we can assess your needs and readiness to enter the Practice Support Program.


We will review your request and assign a practice facilitator, if appropriate. If this resource is not deemed to be the right match for your needs, we will walk you through other options.


A practice facilitator will work with you to assess practice readiness for change.


A practice facilitator will work with your practice on your identified needs.


Once the practice can sustain the recommended change, your practice facilitator will remain as a resource to you, for up to six months. Practice facilitators are not intended to do the work within your practice but will help direct and connect you and your practice with the right supports.


The practice maintains the change. If new support is needed, a new request form can be submitted.

EMR Peer Champion

The EMR Peer Champion program matches EMR users with a physician colleague who has become proficient with the provincial Collaborative Health Record (CHR). Physicians will be paired with an EMR Peer Champion for virtual or in-person sessions. The sessions are tailored to the physician’s needs and current EMR experience. 

The program benefits physicians who are seeking tips on how to be more efficient with the tool, including how to better perform specific tasks, or who want to expand their use of the tool overall. 

Physicians who participated in the EMR Peer Champion pilot program reported:

  • 100% felt they received practical and relevant advice.
  • 74% said their confidence increased (moderate to high) after working with the Peer Champion.
  • 67% felt their efficiency increased after the session(s).
  • 100% would recommend the Peer Champion to a colleague.
  • 67% said the time with the Peer Champion changed their outlook on their future use of the EMR.

“Keep it going! This was a high-yield session.”

New EMR User paired with EMR Peer Champion


Dr. Kaylee Murphy

Dr. Kaylee Murphy, CCFP, has been practicing family medicine for four years, following the completion of her residency training at Dalhousie University. Dr. Murphy began practicing in PEI in April 2020 at the Central Queens Health Centre in Hunter River. She practices comprehensive family medicine and has a keen interest in physician wellness. Dr. Murphy has been the EMR Peer Champion since February 2022. She provides support to her colleagues by sharing tips and advice to help make using the EMR easier and more efficient. This support helps incorporate technology into a physician’s existing practice.

Dr. Murphy also provides physician centered insights and feedback to the provincial EMR team. Dr. Murphy has been enjoying her EMR Peer Champion role and meeting with colleagues to support them in their EMR transition.

EMR Data Entry Support

To support community-based physicians transitioning to electronic medical records (EMR), MSPEI also provides eligible members with funding to pay their existing support staff or hire new staff for the extra effort required with data entry. MSPEI members scheduled to implement an EMR may apply for funding (up to $1,000) to support hiring a data entry support person to enter patient records into the EMR.

Online Resources

Access tools and resources in real time to help with common questions and issues facing physicians. This section will grow as more resources become available, so be sure to check this page regularly for new resources. Resources coming soon include closing your practice guidelines and billing guides.


Cyber Security

MSPEI has partnered with Saegis to provide a limited number of subscriptions to Saegis Shield. This e-learning program is available for community-based physicians and their healthcare teams to assist in addressing cyber risk within clinics. Subscriptions are available to physicians and one team member on a first-come, first-served basis.

Saegis Shield is a comprehensive, accredited, online cybersecurity and privacy education program that addresses the unique needs of Canadian health-care teams.

This e-learning program is designed for busy healthcare providers and their staff. The fundamentals consist of five modules. Investing only 10-15 minutes per module can make your practice safer. Once you have completed all modules, it will take just a few minutes per month to stay current and review your performance. A comprehensive, up-to-date Resource Library will assist healthcare teams in building their cybersecurity and privacy toolkit.

Program Features:

  • Cyber-risk assessment survey
  • Computer-based micro training modules
  • Personalized dashboard with staff and clinic scores, exposure report and news feed
  • Phishing challenges
  • Privacy Officer Fundamental Training
  • Webinars and podcasts by cybersecurity and privacy experts
  • Resource Library that includes support materials such as red flags checklists, templates, best practices, tips, and tricks for implementing cybersafe and privacy best practices.


  • Saegis Shield is accredited with the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) for 7.5 Mainpro+ credits, and with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada for 7.5 Section 3 credits.