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Physician Health and Wellness

MSPEI offers a wide range of programs and services to provide support to our members. Below is information on our

Your Professional and Personal Wellbeing Matters.

The Physician Health Program is available to support and advocate for PEI physicians, resident doctors, and medical students, as well as their partners and dependent children.

MSPEI members and their families are encouraged to use this premium program, which offers:

  • An unprecedented array of services to improve health and build resiliency;
  • Confidential and discreet support;
  • Access to an extensive network of physicians, counsellors, therapists and coaches;
  • Established track record in serving physicians and their families (35+ years’ experience).

The 24-hour confidential helpline offers private, discreet assistance and support on topics such as:

  • Relationship and workplace issues
  • Mental health
  • Career and life transitions
  • Substance use
  • Concern for colleagues
  • Burnout, stress management, conflict resolution
  • Financial issues

The PHP Program is available to MSPEI members, PEI Physicians, resident doctors, and medical students, as well as their partners and dependent children. 

Call the 24-hour confidential line at 1-800-663-6729

This program is offered through by Doctors of British Columbia’s Physician Health Program. It is offered to MSPEI members and their families at no cost. Funding to support this program is provided through the Master Agreement

One-on-One Coaching

Through this one-on-one coaching program, MSPEI matches physicians with qualified leadership coaches to support them in strengthening their leadership skills or to help with their overall health and wellness. By supporting physicians' overall well-being, MSPEI is helping physicians provide high-quality patient care.

MSPEI Physician Wellness Strategy

This comprehensive Physician Wellness Strategy is guided by extensive research by Doctors Tait Shanafelt and John Noseworthy, who identified seven drivers that influence the intervention of physician burnout and engagement. The strategy is made possible in part from a multi-year Affinity Grant provided by CMA, MD Management and Scotiabank. The strategy aims to:

  • Support physicians in reducing clinical and administrative inefficiencies within their practices and in optimizing practice support tools, emphasizing EMR support in year one; 
  • Provide physicians with leadership development opportunities;
  • Support physician leaders in improving local workplace culture in partnership with health services administrators;
  • Ensure all PEI physicians have access to health and wellness support services when they need them;
  • Partner with health system colleagues to reduce time physicians spend in administrative tasks to maximize their clinical time;
  • Support members in creating workplaces that provide an open, accessible and accepting environment that strives for equity and embraces, respects and values differences;
  • Increase our understanding of what strategies are most effective in promoting physician well-being to inform future program decision-making.