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Wellness and Leadership Grants form submission


The objectives of the grant program are to provide physicians with access to small grants that will support them in:

  1. Holding events that facilitate connection with their colleagues;
  2. Making improvements in their workplace culture that contribute to wellness; and
  3. Participating in leadership development and education opportunities to support their engagement in health system change and design.

Eligible applicants include all MSPEI Members.  Applications must demonstrate the impact on PEI physicians (specifically ordinary, visiting, locum, resident and student members) and be consistent with the program objectives.

Eligible initiatives include but are not limited to:

  • Leadership Organizing, facilitating, or attending networking events, conferences and meetings; participating in continuing education on topics such as leadership development, communication, or equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Wellness Supports for developing and implementing innovative ideas related to improving physician wellness (e.g. engaging consultants or other service providers)
  • Building Collegiality and Workplace Culture Improvements Organizing events and opportunities for physicians to connect outside the workplace (i.e. hosting a welcome dinner for a new physician in a region, funding a study group on workplace culture improvement, engaging consultants or other service providers to support team development or building inclusive workplaces)

Ineligible initiatives include major workplace renovations, capital clinical equipment costs, and continuing medical education requirements (CME) that are not directly and primarily focused on workplace culture, wellness improvements, leadership development, or engagement in health system change and design.

Promoting Inclusion: MSPEI supports collegiality, companionship and collaboration among all of our members. We know that feeling isolated and experiencing professional loneliness is a real experience for some physicians working in PEI’s healthcare system. Therefore, where applications are submitted for group initiatives, the Grants Program is prioritizing applications that demonstrate inclusion of MSPEI members who might not be strongly connected to a professional group or may be experiencing exclusion, such as those who are new to PEI. We are encouraging you to reach out to colleagues you may not often connect with, to invite them to connect and participate in the events you plan.

MSPEI offers this program to all MSPEI members. This is made possible in part from a multi-year Affinity Fund provided by CMA, MD Management, and Scotiabank in conjunction with Master Agreement Article D4 Healthy Physical Workforce funding.