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2. Can I bill for patients I see virtually via telephone?

Effective March 16, 2020, physicians will be eligible to bill for following fee codes for services delivered via telephone during the COVID-19 pandemic: Limited Office Visit – fee code xx13 Health Promotion Counseling – fee code 2505 Psychotherapy – fee code 2501 or 2504 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Interview – fee code 2588 or 2586 Billing…

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1. I am a salaried or contract for services physician, and am concerned that I will not make my Blended Payment due to patient volumes this week, and in the coming weeks. What is Health PEI’s plan in regards to this?

At this time, physicians should continue to shadow bill as they normally do. Health PEI will be looking at what modifications to the blended payment thresholds for January to March 2020 will be needed, given these unprecedented times in responding to this pandemic.

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