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Thank you for your cooperation in being re-deployed where you are needed most. At this time, please contact your medical director/program medical director/department head to discuss this option.

Here is a listing of current medical directors/program medical directors/department heads:

Acute Care Medical Directors
QEH Dr Hussam Azzam
PCH Dr Wassim Salamoun
Network Medical Directors
West Dr Wassim Salamoun
Queen Dr Ed White
Kings Dr Laura Neumann
Program Medical Directors
Chief Medical Information Officer Dr Spencer Brown
Diabetes Dr Lenley Adams
Diagnostic Imaging Dr Melanie McQuaid
Geriatrics Dr Martha Carmichael
Laboratory Services Dr Marvin Tesh
(acting for Dr Kristen Mead)
Long Term Care Dr Jan Rogerson
Medical Education Dr Shannon Curtis
Palliative Care Dr Mireille Lecours
(Dr. Janet Baker acting until March 23)
Physical Medicine Dr Edmund Harrison
Department Heads- Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Anaesthesia Dr Jean-Yves Dubois
Cardio-Respiratory Dr Ayodeji Harris-Eze
Emergency Medicine Dr Ron Whalen
Family Medicine Dr Laura O’Connor
(acting for Dr Andrew Wohlgemut)
Hospitalist Dr Jill Cunniffe
Dr Lori Cheverie
ICU/CCU Dr Patrick McCrea
Internal Medicine Dr Lenley Adams
Oncology Dr Philip Champion
OBGYN Dr Shaun Ferguson
Pediatrics Dr Peggy Bethune
Surgery Dr Kristian MacDonald
Department Heads – Prince County Hospital
Anaesthesia Dr Brenda Keeping
Emergency Medicine Dr Ryan Lieph
Family Medicine Dr John Morash
Internal Medicine Dr Michael Irvine
OBGYN Dr Hani Farag
Pediatrics Dr April MacPhee
Surgery Dr David Bannon