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PEI doctors call for urgent action to stop healthcare system collapse

PEI doctors, through the Medical Society of Prince Edward Island (MSPEI), are calling on all political parties to prioritize stabilizing and strengthening the healthcare system.

As political leaders share their election platforms, MSPEI is urging all parties to focus on three healthcare priorities: reducing inequities in health and healthcare across PEI; making healthcare a healthy place to work; and being bold and innovative and doing it with speed. Proposed solutions include establishing full teams of health care professionals in each patient medical home, introducing guaranteed basic income, reducing administrative burden on physicians, and increasing residency seats. More can be found in MSPEI’s election priorities document.

Despite best efforts, the challenges over the past few years have pushed the PEI healthcare system to its breaking point.

“These past few years have not been easy—physicians and all frontline health care professionals are burnt out and frustrated by the challenges of our current healthcare system,” said Dr. Krista Cassell, MSPEI President. “We must sharpen the focus on making change and do it with more urgency.”

“We know Islanders are also experiencing hardships from the current system and we are worried about our patients. Not all Islanders have the same access to health care services which means many Islanders cannot access the supports they need to get and stay healthy. It is our hope that our provincial leaders recognize the need for urgent action by prioritizing healthcare and investing in sustainable solutions.”

MSPEI has invited political parties in Prince Edward Island to meet over the coming weeks to discuss the most pressing priorities to address the healthcare crisis in PEI.

“Election aside, we are eager to be a part of the solution,” said Cassell. “Islanders, physicians, and all health care professionals deserve action and collaboration now.”

MSPEI Election Priorities_2023