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Physician Election Advocacy Toolkit


The Medical Society of PEI (MSPEI) asked the Island’s doctors what they think needs to be done to improve our health-care system.

Their response was clear. It is time to change how we DESIGN, PLAN AND MANAGE our health-care system. More of the same will not work. PEI doctors want to work shoulder-to-shoulder with government and other health-care providers to improve our health-care system.

Doctors want to help lead us away from today’s reality where too many Islanders do not have a family doctor, there are long waits to see family doctors and specialists, and emergency rooms are overcrowded.

  • They want to help Prince Edward Island become:
  • the first province in Canada to provide every citizen with timely access to primary care;
  • a national leader in health-care innovation; and
  • the best place to practice medicine in Canada.

The goals are lofty, but doctors believe with drive, commitment, and through collaboration, it can be achieved.

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