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New MSPEI Board of Directors Chairperson Announced

Dr. Scott Cameron has been announced as the new Medical Society of PEI Board of Directors Chairperson. He will assume the role effective September 1.

Scott is no stranger to MSPEI; he has served in many roles with the organization over the years, including the role of Treasurer and as MSPEI President for two terms.

“At the Board table, he is well respected where he consistently contributes to discussions through a lens of fairness, good process, and ensuring we are making principled-guided decisions,” said Dr. Trina Stewart, MSPEI President. “His in-depth knowledge of MSPEI, vast leadership experience, and desire to further grow his formal governance training make Scott an excellent inaugural Board Chair under our new structure.”

Scott is the current Board Chair of the Emergency Medical Services Board of PEI and is the Medical Director for the Emergency Health Services division at the Department of Health and Wellness. At a national level, he has served two terms on the Canadian Medical Association’s Board of Directors, including Chair of the Governance Committee and Chair of the Appointments and Review Committee.

Scott is an emergency physician at the Prince County Hospital in Summerside, where he served as Department head from 1999 to 2019.

Scott is MSPEI’s first selected Chair, following a bylaw change ratified by members in December 2020. The Board Chair is now selected through an application process where the candidates must demonstrate they meet qualifications in governance and leadership. To ensure the process was led with integrity, MSPEI hired human resources firm Royer Thompson to vet, interview, and recommend a candidate. Scott was recommended and endorsed for the role by the Board of Directors in May.

Scott will serve a three-year term. The longer-term, paired with the emphasis on an individual demonstrating strong governance skills, is expected to strengthen the Board’s ability to govern effectively.

As Board Chair, Scott will oversee the overall performance of the Board. Working alongside the CEO, he will set agendas, guide meetings to ensure the focused remains on the Board’s organizational oversight duties, and help the Board identify and manage organizational risks.

“As we transition Scott into this new role, I want to thank Dr. André Bernard, who has served as MSPEI’s interim Chair since December of this year. I know I have personally learned immensely from André’s skills and expertise in governance,” Stewart said. “Our Board has matured and grown under his short term with us. André has served two three-year terms as a competency-based Board Chair with Doctors Nova Scotia and offered to guide us through the transition of selecting our own Chair. I hope you will join me in congratulating Scott on his new role.”