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MSPEI Launches Physician Wellness Strategy

We’ve recently launched the MSPEI Physician Wellness Strategy. This work significantly raises the bar in how our medical association is stepping up to support the profession and was supported through almost $1 million in new funding (over four years) through the Master Agreement and an affinity grant from Scotiabank, MD Financial, and CMA. 

This strategy acknowledges the current work environment and recognizes that supporting physician wellness must be much more than one physician health program, although that serves an important function. Our future work is guided by extensive research by Drs. Tait Shanafelt and John Noseworthy. 

We encourage you to read the Physician Wellness Strategy to understand our thinking, approach, and goals. Here are a few of the highlights of what the strategy aspires to accomplish:


  1. Support physicians in reducing clinical and administrative inefficiencies within their practices and in optimizing practice support tools; emphasizing EMR support in year one. 
  2. Provide physicians with leadership development opportunities.
  3. Support physician leaders in improving local workplace culture in partnership with health services administrators.
  4. Ensure all PEI physicians have access to health and wellness support services when they need them.
  5. Partner with health system colleagues to reduce the time physicians spend on administrative tasks to maximize their clinical time.
  6. Support members in creating workplaces that provide an open, accessible, and accepting environment that strives for equity and embraces, respects, and values differences. 
  7. Increase our understanding of what strategies are most effective in promoting physician well-being to inform future program decision-making.