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Government to hire 9.6 family physicians

Doctors applaud the government’s decision to hire 9.6 more family physicians to PEI

Government has approved 9.6 new family physician positions for PEI.

With more than 17,000 Islanders without a family doctor, PEI doctors are applauding government’s decision to hire more family doctors.

“This comes as welcomed news to all physicians currently working on PEI and to our patients,” said Dr. Trina Stewart, President of Medical Society of PEI. “We have been advocating for every Islander to be matched to a family physician for many years and this is a step in the right direction.”

“I know when we survey our membership the “complement” – the maximum number of physicians we are allowed to have in PEI – quickly surfaces as one of the top barriers to improving our access to care. We are thrilled government sees the need and responded with action.”

Allocation by Region
2 West Prince
1 East Prince
4.6 Queens County
2 Kings County

Dr. Megan Miller, MSPEI’s Chief Physician Recruiter along with the Department of Health and Wellness Recruitment and Retention Secretariat and Health PEI are already turning their attention to ways to increase their marketing and recruitment efforts to fill these positions with high quality family doctors, as quickly as possible.

“It will be a challenge,” said Dr. Miller. “The competition is fierce and family physicians are needed across the country. And, we have a lot to offer on PEI. Our compensation is competitive, and we have exciting projects on the go that we know are attractive to family doctors, electronic medical records and team-based care are two examples. We offer a safe and healthy environment to raise a family, and it goes without saying that PEI is the best place in the country to live.”

There are currently 33 physician vacancies on PEI. So far in 2021, we have recruited 22 new physicians.