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Donna Clark is Owner and Leadership Partner with Courage Group International. She is based in PEI with an office in Charlottetown. Donna brings over 30 years of experience as a senior leader, consultant, and coach, including approximately 25 years coaching leaders. Donna held senior level positions in the federal government before initiating a full-time consulting practice with a focus on leadership and organizational development. Donna currently serves as a contract faculty member teaching leadership to faculty and staff at the Nova Scotia Community College. Donna has a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is a Newfield Certified Coach (NCC).

She completed her PhD in organizational development and change in 2019 with research focused on inclusive leadership, women, relational leadership, and power. Donna is committed to developing the capacity of people to lead with courage and compassion and create life nurturing, high performing organizations. Her recent coaching engagements include coaching chiefs of staff for two Ontario hospitals. In addition, she has served as a mentor/coach on qualitative research for a physician working on a pediatric oncology fellowship at the IWK.

Eileen Reardon is a certified professional co-active coach who provides leadership development, coaching and strategic counsel to organizations and individuals in a variety of sectors including health care. Eileen brings a unique blend of practical leadership experience, knowledge and coaching skills to her practice. She works with leaders and organizations to provide clarity of purpose and alignment of action and she believes passionately in the effectiveness of teams at solving problems and achieving superior results.

With significant experience coaching in the current healthcare sector, Eileen has coached family practice resident cohorts, a variety of healthcare teams, as well as individual physicians. A certified yoga teacher, Eileen offers insight on mindfulness and the body in her coaching.


Gail Boone as a professional certified coach, Gail is a champion of courageous conversations. She is also a Mentor Coach (PCC), ICF member and Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath® certified practitioner. Integrity, insight, courage and forthrightness with HEART are the words others used to describe her. Clients have said that Gail, “has that gift of asking the most insightful (sometimes difficult) questions to encourage you to dig deep in exploring previous experiences and personal values to create your own solutions.”

She has coached hundreds of healthcare professionals through LEADS 360 and facilitated multiple, five-day LEADS LEARNING Series in four provinces. With over 30+ years of experience in the health and insurance sectors, Gail started an independent coaching and facilitation practice in 2010 and has facilitated over 70 Health Professionals Roundtable for Strategy sessions through the Canadian College of Health Leaders. Gail believes…”When you are ready, you will.”


Julian Young is Partner/Owner, Fire Inside Leadership. For over 25 years, Julian Young has supported the transformation of people, organizations, and systems. In his 20-year public service career, he worked in leadership positions in Emergency Health, Public Health, and Trauma Care. Julian works extensively with physician leaders and residents, and physician and healthcare leadership teams. His impactful coaching supports physicians to transform their inner operating systems, enabling them to thrive in highly complex, volatile, and uncertain environments.

Through a thought-provoking creative process, Julian inspires and supports his clients to strengthen resilience and gain greater fulfillment in their careers and lives. In his coaching, he brings to physicians the latest from the fields of adult development, neuroscience, personal transformation, and high-performance team and relationship coaching.

Marion Howell is an Ontario based Professional Certified Coach (PCC) who has supported physicians since 2006. Marion coached PEI physicians in MSPEI’s Leadership Development Program between 2018–2020. During this time, Marion discovered many of the unique conditions that physicians face for delivering care in PEI. Marion is kind and direct, she is emotionally intelligent, and she has the ability to quickly notice clients’ self-imposed blocks and barriers that may hold them back from their peak performance.

Marion’s coaching approach integrates the clients’ context and objectives with best models and scholarship in the areas of leadership development and organizational effectiveness. With Marion’s support, clients are able to deepen their insight on how to respond to complex challenges, often by reframing and then develop personalized strategies that align with their natural strengths.


Maureen Mayhew I believe that everyone can create happiness, joy and fulfillment in their lives. I have seen this happen all over the world in all kinds of people facing diverse situations. If you work with me, we will uncover how you hold yourself back from reaching and attaining what you truly want. Gently, I hold you accountable to be your absolute best self, to achieve that big dream, or to balance your life in ways that support long term thriving. Together, we catalyse the next iteration of you even when at first, the trail to that goal appears opaque and so overgrown that you can’t see a way forward. By learning to trust yourself, a path does come into focus.

I am a physician and a certified professional Co-Active Coach who has coached doctors individually since 2017. My other positions include: a program physician for the Physician Health Program, clinical professor at the University of British Columbia, and consultant in public health. My 35-year medical career has led me across Canada and to Asia and Africa where I have worked in leadership positions, and on the frontlines providing remote medical care, inner city healthcare, and immigrant and refugee health.

Michelle Cooper is Owner and Leadership Partner with Courage Group International and based in Dundas, Ontario. She brings over 30 years’ experience as a leader, consultant, and coach, including 18 years of experience coaching leaders. She held progressively more senior leadership positions in healthcare prior to starting her consulting business. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the School of Nursing at McMaster University. Michelle has a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is a Newfield Certified Coach (NCC).

Michelle helps leaders to discover and leverage their strengths, to be conscious of their assumptions and values, their impact on others and the organization and to create breakthroughs in the way they see the world. She supports leaders to develop their creative competencies to lead effectively and authentically and to create the conditions for teamwork that enable their organization and the individuals within to succeed and thrive.

She has extensive experience with both individual and team coaching in health care as well as other sectors. She has worked on several contracts with The Capital District Health Authority in Nova Scotia. She is currently providing coaching for senior executives at two Ontario hospitals.


Dr. Nicole Boutilier is focused on the transformation of herself, others and systems. She is motivated by the power of coaching to drive change, resiliency and new learning.
Her calm assertive energy and authenticity has been a cornerstone of her career and life as she moves between her roles as physician, executive leader, coach, and mother of three young adults.

Nicole has held progressive leadership roles over the past fifteen years through different levels of health care organizations including department, facility, regional and provincial. She has been in an executive level position since 2008 and is currently a Vice President for Nova Scotia Health. She was attracted to becoming a coach by her wish to empower others towards their own solutions and reaching their full potential in their own roles. Coaching allows others to unlock their creativity and innovation, and simultaneously provides reciprocal benefits for the coach as they learn and grow in the partnership.

Nicole’s areas of expertise include executive coaching, physician coaching, health care coaching, leadership development, career transitions, career development, work flow, personal development, work/life integration, building resilience, prevention of burnout and revitalization of career.

Peter Gibson Throughout my career in medicine, I have always been excited by helping people grow and develop. My approach is to foster personal and professional growth by focusing on strengths and interests as opposed to deficits.

Using a model developed by the NeuroLeadership Institute I utilize the current understanding on how the brain and body works to facilitate and support change. Since 2017, I have been helping professionals navigate the changing healthcare environment by helping them create a healthy work/life balance in both clinical and leadership roles. Outside of coaching, I continue to have an active clinical practice in Community Psychiatry and in a Physician Health Program.

I am credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) with an ACC designation. My training includes certification with the Brain Based Coaching Program (NeuroLeadership Institute) and as a Physician Development Coach (Physician Coaching Institute).

E2023Sandi for MSPEI

Alexandria (Sandi) Roberts is a leadership development coach with significant experience coaching physicians at all stages in their careers. She is dedicated to supporting her clients as they deepen their self awareness, set their goals, and work through the places where they get stuck. Her passion is partnering with clients in the thought-provoking and creative process of coaching to inspire and maximize their personal and professional potential.

In our everyday lives, we rarely have a champion—someone to talk to confidentially and without judgment. Sandi considers the opportunity to play that role with her clients a privilege. She is committed to working in the healthcare system and maintains a large complement of doctors in her individual coaching practice.

Stephanie Melanson always had a calling to help others. Her hard work, grit and compassion helped her reach her goal of becoming a doctor. On top of her medical duties, she has held multiple leadership roles within her organization and within national and international sporting events. Her mission is to partner with people through compassion, courage and resilience to empower them to find their inner voice and strength to embrace any challenge.

As a mother of three active kids, a wife, a family and sport physician, she has demonstrated plenty of time management skills, resilience and courage. Physical activity and strong friendships keeps her grounded. Her curiosity motivates her to learn new things, go on adventures and connect with people. This drove her to pursue a coaching certification through the Canadian Coaching Academy. With this she will help people find their confidence and inner voice to be their authentic selves without fear of judgement. Her empowering leadership style helps create a safe space to facilitate client growth. She is currently working towards her ICF certification. Her area of expertise is physician coaching, healthcare coaching, executive coaching, leadership development, career development, clinical and administrative workflow, burnout and work-life balance.


Sue Austin is grateful, curious, and driven everyday in her pursuit to coach others to realize and lean into their true potential. With the inherent challenges in our complex world and particularly in healthcare, Sue has drawn on her empathic approach in coaching healthcare practitioners in PEI, Ontario and now Guyana. Her clients value her partnership in thinking creatively as they build self-awareness and identify solutions to grow their impact, fulfillment, and self-compassion. Her clients also benefit from different perspectives through Sue’s coaching experience across multiple sectors in addition to healthcare, including professional services, financial services, executive education, real estate, technology, grocery, retail and not-for-profit.

Sue is passionate about her family, friends, and sports. She is often found playing year-round beach volleyball, downhill skiing, cheering on her hockey team, enjoying a hand of bridge or kayaking. Her love of learning has been passed along to her two daughters each currently studying master’s degrees at Queen’s University.

Tammy Carroll has been working since 2003 in the field of organizational psychology and leadership for both public and private sector organizations. Her unique blend of scientific background, international training and professional experience makes her well-versed as a leadership and executive coach. Having coached over 550 clients, she has accumulated over 1,400 hours of professional coaching, mainly with executives. Dr. Carroll specializes in using evidence-based approaches and tools, often including psychometric assessments in her coaching practice. She is committed to support driven leaders who want to become the best version of themselves and move the world forward in human ways.

She is currently an Executive with the Government of Canada in addition to her part-time practice in organizational psychology and leadership.

Tara (1)

Tara Burley is a leadership development coach with significant experience working with high-performing individuals, having spent the past two decades focused on career growth and transition. Her open and inclusive approach has supported leaders in the deliberate nurturing of relationships for intentional impact. Using the principles of Co-Active coaching combined with a deep history in the practice of yoga, Tara brings a warm and playful approach to coaching while creating space for clarity and exploration. She supports clients to prioritize what they value most in service to fulfillment and longevity in the healthcare system.

Wendy Jones, PCC  Here’s what three PEI physicians say about coaching with Wendy:

“Coaching has improved my confidence in speaking up and setting boundaries. Wendy provides support and acts as a sounding-board.”

“I’m incredibly grateful for the safe space that coaching with Wendy provides me. Her coaching allows me to see issues in a different way which helps me to make better decisions.”

"Working with Wendy has been amazing! When we first met I was staying late at the office and nearing burnout. She helped me focus on my goals and take meaningful action to create a healthy work life balance. Her coaching has helped improve my communication skills, productivity, and my overall job satisfaction.

As one of Atlantic Canada’s most experienced and respected coaches, Wendy builds trust with her clients to create a safe foundation for open and honest dialogue. Known for her superior listening skills and her results-driven style, she helps clients gain clarity and creatively problem solve.

Clients work with Wendy to enhance their communication skills, navigate leadership roles, manage workplace conflict, and explore how to handle the demands of their careers and personal lives. Through her intuitive and compassionate coaching, clients gain confidence, deepen self-awareness, make choices and develop action plans towards their desired results.

Wendy is now back home in Charlottetown after 29 years living and working in Halifax.