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Managing Disruptive Behaviour


January 23 - 09:30 am


January 24 - 04:30 pm

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Medical Society of PEI


Rodd Royalty

14 Capital Drive, Charlottetown, PE

Charlottetown, PE, CA

Ideal for those interested in: 

  • Increasing your skills in managing disruptive behaviour

  • Having a better understanding of what could be promoting disruptive behaviour. 

  • How to provide difficult feedback 

  • How to create a respectful workplace


Course Outcomes: 

  • Understand of why managing disruptive behaviour has become relevant in today’s workplace

  • Surface unspoken assumptions and beliefs regarding the nature and management of disruptive behaviour

  • Distinguish between disruptive and non-disruptive behaviour

  • Understand the impact of disruptive behaviour

  • Identify elements of workplace/organizational culture which may influence/prompt disruptive behaviour

  • Identify three key components of a robust Code of Conduct and determine its effectiveness for ensuring workplace justice and for managing disruptive behaviour

  • Summarize CMPA’s experience with disruptive behaviour and its approach to supporting colleagues and medical leaders

  • Apply principles of fairness, compassion and accountability by using a staged approach for resolving incidents of disruptive behaviour

  • Discuss approaches and interventions for managing behavioural problems in the workplace

  • Prepare for and practice a “difficult” feedback conversation

  • Identify strategies for supporting personal resilience as a physician leader dealing with this complex workplace problem

Design prevention strategies to inculcate respectful professional behaviour in the workplace