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Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

MSPEI has partnered with the Department of Health and Wellness to launch a provincial EMR Program. We know how important it is for physicians to have access to an EMR. It is a powerful tool for enhancing how patients are cared for. MSPEI's role is to ensure physicians are aware of the EMR and ensuring they have the necessary supports to implement it with confidence.

So, what does all of this mean? It’s not just about providing a new tool for doctors; it is about fundamentally shifting how we provide care on PEI, how patients can access their information, and how we collaborate with our colleagues.

As has been proven in many other jurisdictions across the country, electronic medical records enhance the quality of care and patient and system outcomes. It helps refine the scheduling process and improve communication and interactions between practitioners, primary care providers, and patients. Essentially, it’s going to make our health-care system better!

Many clinicians have been involved in this work, and MSPEI is proud to partner on this project. We believe it will have a lasting, positive impact on the future of health care on PEI.


Do you want to adopt an EMR this year? Let us know.

The Telus Health Collaborative Health Record (CHR), the provincewide EMR solution, is now within clinicians' reach.

Even though we have preparation work to do before implementation, we are already hearing lots of interest from clinicians who want to learn more about adopting. This is good news.

To help us plan, we are asking all clinicians who envision adopting the EMR within the next 12-months, to submit an expression of interest (EOI) form. This form allows the EMR Program to understand the level of interest and build their implementation plans, schedules and training teams accordingly. The form will not commit you to implementation. After submitting the form, the EMR Program Team will reach out to you to understand your level of interest better, answer your questions and help you start to think about how you can prepare your practice.

For now, the EMR solution is being offered to community-based physicians and nurse practitioners. We plan to begin implementation by August 2021, with a goal to have the majority of providers on board by March 2022.

Early Bird Implementation Grant*

The Province of PEI has access to a limited-window Infoway funding that will support physicians in adopting an EMR. 

  • Enroll by May 30, 2021, to receive up to an $8,000 implementation grant
  • Enroll by September 30, 2021, to receive up to $6,000

Implementation grants are not available for those who enroll after Sept. 30.

*Your expression of interest is not considered enrollment. You will be walked through that process after you submit your EOI.


The shift from paper to digital provides many benefits to the provider, the patient and the health-care system. More than 85% of Canada’s physicians now use an electronic medical record system. It is the modern standard of how we provide care. It is also a key factor in helping to recruit early-career physicians to our province.

It supports transforming patient care delivery by:

  • enabling care providers to work together and securely share patient information
  • equipping system planners with data and evidence to create policy and make investments where Islanders need it most; and
  • empowering and equipping patients with information and confidence to take a more active role in managing their own health.

It helps you as a clinician:

  • Make more informed clinical decisions.
    • 96% of physicians reporting in Alberta stated that access to a summarized patient record improved continuity of care.
  • Better manage and prevent chronic disease. 
    • An Alberta study said that 88% of physicians saw improvements in managing chronic diseases with EMR use.
  • Improve patient safety, including reduced errors.
    • A study in Ontario had 63% of physicians indicate patient safety improved within the first year of EMR adoption. 
  • Reduce the duplication of tests
    • 97% of physicians in Alberta indicated that tests and investigations are no longer needlessly repeated. 


The PEI Department of Health and Wellness launched an informative section of its website dedicated to Electronic Medical Records. 

On it, you can learn more about the EMR solution, access EMR webinars, and find additional support for the transition to EMR. 

Definitely worth checking out this additional EMR resource: Health and Wellness EMR webpage


If you have suggestions on how MSPEI can support you through EMR implementation, contact:

Samantha Holmes

EMR Program Contacts:


Dr. Kristy Newson
EMR Physician Advisor
Department of Health and Wellness