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Physician Coaching Program

Through this one-on-one coaching program, MSPEI matches physicians with qualified leadership coaches to support them in strengthening their leadership skills or to help with their overall health and wellness. By supporting physicians' overall well-being, MSPEI is helping physicians provide high-quality patient care.

Why use a Coach?

2008 article published in the Canadian Family Physician journal suggests that a physician coach can be a catalyst for change to help a physician build resiliency. Resiliency is a key factor that helps reduce burnout.

TOP 5 Ways A Coach Could Help You:

  1. Zero in on what you are aspiring for (or what is getting in your way) of achieving the highest level of professional satisfaction.
  2. Identify how your existing strengths can help you achieve desired results faster and better.
  3. Uncover new strategies to create healthy relationships and working environments.
  4. Process information differently to become a more effective decision-maker.
  5. Become a better communicator in your workplace.

Program eligibility

MSPEI members who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Completed the MSPEI-Schulich Master’s Certificate program and are looking for additional support to transfer learning into sustainable action.
  • Currently enrolled in the Master’s certificate program and require additional support that is outside of the scope of the program coaching component.
  • Currently, occupy a formal medical leadership position within MSPEI or the PEI health system.
  • Considering a formal leadership position within MSPEI or the PEI health system.
  • Require support to address health and burnout issues that are outside the scope of the coaching provided through the Physician Health Program.

If you meet one of the above criteria and are interested in this opportunity, please submit this brief application form which will start the process of selecting a coach.  We will do everything to match you with the coach selected; however, all matches will be based on individual coach's availability.

MSPEI offers this program free to eligible MSPEI members. This is possible, in part, through funds provided by CMA’s Physician Leadership and Professional Development Initiative."

The Process

After submitting an application form, you will be connected with a professional coach from  MSPEI’s roster. At this point, MSPEI removes itself from the process. Your personal coach will be in direct contact with you to arrange a time for your first session.  Up to eight sessions will be offered, by phone or video conference. Each physician’s personal coaching experience will be unique, based on their needs and aspirations. The discussions between you and your coach are confidential. The program is funded by MSPEI's Healthy Physician Workforce Program, which was secured through the 2019-24 Master Agreement.

MSPEI  has vetted the coaches each with experience in personal coaching and with supporting physicians. Additional coaches may be added to the roster over time. MSPEI members may suggest a coach for the roster.

Program Information

Lea Bryden
Medical Society of Prince Edward Island (MSPEI)
Tel: 902-368-7303 Ext. 102

Application Process

Donna Lamont
Acting Office Manager/Membership Coordinator
Medical Society of Prince Edward Island (MSPEI)
Tel: 902-368-7303 Ext. 101